Montreal Lake Business Ventures LP

Montreal Lake Business Ventures LP (MLBV) was formed in 2010 to act as the business arm of Montreal Lake Cree Nation as well as to separate its political functions from its business activities.   MLBV is controlled by a professional Board of Directors that are independent of Montreal Lake Cree Nation and are governed through criteria developed to ensure business success.  MLBV has a CEO in place that reports to the Board of Directors. 

MLBV Corporate Organization Chart


Business Mandate

MLBV promotes continued socio-economic growth and development to create enhanced business and employment opportunities for the membership.  The Business Mandate of MLBV is as follows:

  • Serve the MLBV's vision, mission and purpose in accordance with the values of Montreal Lake Cree Nation.
  • Manage and operate the MLBV and all of its investment holdings on behalf of the Nation and Shareholder Representatives (Chief and Council).
  • Oversee and provide stewardship to the business interests.
  • The agreement between Saskatchewan and the Nation dated December 1, 2010, for the purposes of promoting education and training programs and pursuing employment and business development opportunities in the resource sector, is transferred wholly from the Nation to the MLBV and charged with the responsibility to undertake and complete the Nation’s obligations.  
  • In conjunction with its business and corporate structure, work with the government and other associated parties named in “The amended and restated Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement” dated August 31, 2010, regarding forestry allocation, to advance and protect the Nation’s interests.
  • Consolidate its current holdings in accordance with an approved process.
  • Seek, assess, conduct due diligence and invest in new business opportunities.
  • Protect assets that have been entrusted to MLBV by the Nation.
  • Deepen and strengthen its current relationships with strategic partners and external stakeholders.
  • Develop and implement reporting and accountability measures to the Nation and Shareholder Representatives.