Prince Albert Development Corporation (PADC)

PADC is a partnership between the 12 First Nations that make up Prince Albert Grand Council. The mandate of PADC is shareholder wealth creation through the development of business opportunities and partnerships. PADC has investments in Super 8 Hotels; Westwind Aviation; Points North Freight Forwarding LP; Double Diamond Industrial Structures; Arctic Beverages; and GlenMor Equipment.


Sakâw Askiy Management Inc.

Sakâw Askiy Management Inc. is a unique partnership of six forest companies with Saskatchewan operations and two First Nations partners which includes Montreal Lake Business Ventures LP. The entity was formed to jointly assume the Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement and its management responsibilities.


Kaskew Forestry Products LP

Kaskew Forestry Products LP is wholly owned by Montreal Lake Business Ventures LP.  Kaskew manages and operates a wood allocation within the Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement area, including harvesting and supplying forest fibre to mills in Saskatchewan.  Kaskew and  MLBV are interested to create value added opportunities within our ancestral territory.


Ne He Thow Store


Ne He Thow Store is a wholly owned entity by Montreal Lake Business Ventures LP (MLBV).  The store was transferred to MLBV from Montreal Lake Cree Nation (MLCN) in April 2013.  Ne He Thow implemented rigorous management control processes and substantially decreased costs and increased sales and earnings.  During 2015 Ne He Thow underwent a major renovation and expansion of products and services.  The store is a champion in the community providing employment for approximately16 Band members as well as serving as the post office for the Cree Nation. The services of Ne He Thow Store include grocery and confectionery items;  the Sweet Tooth Cafe with take-out food; ice-cream; and a gas station.

Website: Ne He Thow Store

Northern Resource Trucking (NRT)

NRT is a partnership that now involves many aboriginal groups, including Montreal Lake Business Ventures.  NRT is a transport company specifically designed to provide service to the world's largest, publicly traded mining companies of Saskatchewan's north. Our two largest customers, Cameco Corporation and Areva, rely on NRT to provide safety and service in some of the most demanding driving conditions that the full four seasons can provide.