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MONTREAL LAKE business ventures




Ne He Thow Store is a wholly owned entity of Montreal Lake Business Ventures LP. The store was transferred to MLBV from Montreal Lake Cree Nation in April 2013. Ne He Thow implemented rigorous management control processes and substantially decreased costs and increased sales and earnings. In 2015 Ne He Thow underwent a major renovation and expansion of products and services.  

The store is a champion in the community, providing employment for approximately 24 Band members as well as serving as the post office for the Cree Nation. Ne He Thow Store offers grocery and confectionery items, the Sweet Tooth Cafe with takeout food, ice cream, and a gas station with diesel and propane gas.

Kaskew Partner.png

Kaskew Forestry Products LP is wholly owned by Montreal Lake Business Ventures LP. Kaskew manages and operates a wood allocation within the Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement area and harvests and supplies forest fiber to mills in Saskatchewan. Kaskew and MLBV are interested in creating value-added opportunities within our ancestral territory.

Wholly Owned and Managed


Manitobah Partner 2.png

Manitobah Mukluks is an indigenous-owned company whose vision is to build a vibrant global brand that has a significant impact on indigenous communities. Manitobah Mukluks is the world’s leading manufacturer of mukluks and moccasins and a symbol of Canadian business excellence, indigenous entrepreneurship, and corporate social responsibility.

Manitobah Mukluks builds capacity in indigenous communities by offering employment opportunities and scholarships for young entrepreneurs. It also runs a nonprofit entity, Storyboot School. The school is a partnership with elders and artisans who teach the art of making mukluks and moccasins to perpetuate and share the artistry and history of indigenous cultures. 

Sakaw Partner.png

Sakâw Askiy Management Inc. is a unique partnership of six forest companies with Saskatchewan operations and two First Nations partners that include Montreal Lake Business Ventures LP. The entity was formed to jointly assume the Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement and its management responsibilities.

NRT Parnter 2.png

Northern Resource Trucking (NRT) is a partnership that now involves many aboriginal groups, including Montreal Lake Business Ventures LP.  NRT is a transport company specifically designed to provide service to the world’s largest publicly traded mining companies of Saskatchewan’s north. Our two largest customers, Cameco Corporation and Areva, rely on NRT to provide safety and service in the most demanding driving conditions year round.

Sterling Partner.png

Sterling Concrete & Hauling Ltd. is an indigenous  leading ready-mix concrete supplier in Shellbrook, Saskatchewan. It supplies ready-mix concrete, gravel, and heavy hauling services in the west central region of Saskatchewan.


Having been in operation for over 50 years, the company has supplied concrete for all types of projects, from residential home construction to large infrastructure projects to mining projects. Our equipment is also used for custom hauling of gravel and forestry products in the region.


Prince Albert Development Corporation (PADC) is a partnership between the 12 First Nations that make up Prince Albert Grand Council. The mandate of PADC is creation of shareholder wealth through the development of business opportunities and partnerships. PADC has investments in Super 8 Hotels, Westwind Aviation, Points North Freight Forwarding LP, Double Diamond Industrial Structures, Arctic Beverages, and GlenMor Equipment.

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